Old Function Overview


On this page, you can find a list of the functions of and old version of the FileRenamer.

Here you can find a list of functions of the current version.

This list includes a list of all functions that are available in the File Renamer. The functions are classified by their occurrence in the program. An introduction to the functioning and thus the interplay of these listed functions can be found in the help section on this page.

This compilation is divided into the areas of Input, Mask for the File Name, Search and Replace in File Names, Preview and Main Window.

Files: Files and Folders

The input area is located at the top of the window. Here is a list that contains all the files and folders to be renamed. Among the list is displayed, how many files and folders are currently loaded.

Actions: Mask for the File Name

This area is located in the center of the window and is covered by the header "Choose a Mask for the File". Here, all settings can be made that will relate to how a file will be renamed.

Actions: Search and Replace in File Names

Between the preview and the settings for the mask, you can find the search and replace box with the header "Find and Replace Expressions in the Filename". With this function it is possible to replace or delete strings from the names of files (Unicode is supported). You can determine if the replacements should only affect the file name or the suffix, or both, the file extension and the name. To delete something from the name, just leave the box "Replace with" free.


In the bottom of the window, there is the preview box. Here, the old file name can be compared with the new file name. Click on a file in the list above to see the preview of this file. So you can see the changes immediately without really renaming files.

Main Window

Apart from that, there is only one button in the bottom right of the main window and a status bar, behind all boxes.