First Steps

On this page you can find a general introduction to the tool Text Images. If you have a question regarding a specific function, you should have a look at the functions page, where each function is explained in detail.

You can use the program Text Images to write an arbitrary text on images and to save the images automatically. There are many possibilities for adjustments, so that you can just give your desired look and format to the images.

Your first image

Start the program. You will see a box on the top, in which you can see a preview for the image with the current settings. Below, you can make all of this settings. The area "Text" is open, where you can enter the text, that is then written to the image. Under the box, there are options to select whether you want to create a single image or multiple images. Either the entire text is written on a single image or each line is written on its own image. Write some text in the box and look at the changes in the preview. You can then click on the "Create and Save" button at the bottom right corner. This saves the image by using the current settings.

Font, size, margins and spacing

We have seen the first area "Text", where you can enter your text. The next two areas are "Font and Format" and "Margins and Spaces". In these areas, you can experiment with the settings for yourself. Vary the font size, font color or format and have a look at the preview to see how your image will be changed. You can also experiment with the spaces. Click in one of the boxes and turn your mouse wheel. The distances from the text to the sides will change. On the left you can set whether the image size is fixed or variable. This means either the image size is independent of the text size or the image size is chosen so that the text fits perfectly onto the image.


In the last section, you can choose a folder, a file name and a file format. There is a special feature for file renaming. Either you can specify a file name or Text Images can create a name from the text. This can be a good idea if you have a great amount of images to process. Click on "Options for File Names" to specify exactly the form of the automatically generated file name.