On this page, you can see an overview over all units available in the Unit Converter. You can convert arbitrary numbers, terms and fractions to these units. In addition, each of these units can be used with an arbitrary prefix like nano- or kilo- and you can also use custom units with the Unit Converter. If you are searching for a unit, you should use STRG-F in your browser to open the search dialog. The list will be expanded regularly, if you know other units, you can tell them by using our contact form. With these links, you can jump to one of the 33 categories directly:

Length (Metre, m)

Area (Square Metre, m²)

Volume (Cubic Metre, m³)

Mass (Kilogram, kg)

Density (Kilogram per Cubic Metre, kg/m³)

Temperature (Kelvin, K)

Time (Second, s)

Speed (Metre per Second, m/s)

Acceleration (Metre per Square Second, m/s²)

Volume Flow (Cubic Metre per Second, m³/s)


Information and Storage (Bit)

Quantity (Items)

Shoe Size

Energy (Joule, J)

Power (Watt, W)

Force (Newton, N)

Torque (Newton Metre, Nm)

Pressure (Pascal, Pa)

Frequency (Hertz, Hz)

Electromotive Force (Volt, V)

Electric Current (Ampere, A)

Electric Charge (Coloumb, C)

Electrical Resistance (Ohm, Ω)

Luminous Intensity (Candela, cd)

Luminance (Candela per Square Metre, cd/m²)

Illuminance (Lux, lx)

Radiation Activity (Becquerel, Bq)

Radiation Exposure (Röntgen, R)

Radiation Absorbed Dose (Gray, Gy)

Radiation Equivalent Dose (Sievert, Sv)

Plane Angle (Radian, rad)

Amount of Substance (Mol)