Unit Converter


  • Ease of Use: The Unit Converter can immediately be used without any adjustments of settings or installations. The usage is intuitive and self-explaining.
  • Variety of Units and Categories: The Unit Converter directly provides 4500 units from 33 categories with which you can work immediateley.
  • Numbers, Terms and Fractions: The Unit Converter can not only work with numbers. You can also use fractions like "1/3" or terms like "1+2/3-4" as values.
  • Custom Units and Categories: In addition, it is possible to add own units to the Unit Converter. The own units can be added directly to one of the existing categories or you can create new categories for them.
  • Number Formating: If you like, you can change the number formating to work in your own format. How should the numbers be rounded? How many decimal places should be used? Should the decimal places be written at any number or only if neccessary?
  • Character Formating: Also the character formating can be adjusted to your individual needs. For example you can set whether there should be a blank or another character between the value and the unit or the prefix.
  • Prefixes: Each unit can be combined with a prefix like femto-, nano-, milli- or mega-. With this you can also carry out convertings within the same unit like conversions between milligram and microgram. In addition to the setting of prefixes manually, it is also possible to activate an automatically prefix adding in the options. With this function, prefixes are set to values, so that there are no numbers under 1 or over 999.
  • Fraction Format: Numbers can be displayed as fraction (for example 1/3) or as floating point (0.3333..). If a fraction is to great (for instance 12/2777), it will be written as floating point in every case.
  • Clipboard: With only one click, you can copy one or even more units to the clipboard, so that you can insert and use them in other programs. With this you do not have to copy or rewrite the values on your own. In addition, you can decide whether only the value or the value and the name of the unit or the shortcut of the unit should be copied. Of course, you can also define the formating, so that you have the values and units in the right format for your later use. Another features is to collect a number of units before copying them to the clipboard.
  • Table or Comparison: The kind of display of the units can be adjusted according to your individual needs. For example, you can compare two or three units or you can show all of the units in a table, which you can sort, for example. All of the kinds of display have its own advantages.
  • Search with Filter: To make searching for units easier, you can reduce the variety of units at every time. For this, you can either use a global filter or you can type in some characters of the units or categories to show only units containing these characters. The global filter can also be used for reducing the units according to a number of units or categories. For this, simply divide the words with a comma like "metric,pound,france".
  • Unicode Support: The Unit Converter is fully compatible with Unicode, so that you can use Unicode characters in names and shortcuts of units.
  • Load and Save Settings: All of the user-defined settings of the Unit Converter can be saved and loaded, so that you do not have to adjust settings again and again. It is possible to load settings while working with the tool, the last settings can be remembered when closing the tool or you can define some settings that will be loaded at start-up automatically.
  • Portable Software: The tool can be used immediately without any installation. So you can use the tool on different computers or your memory stick without changing your computer.