First Steps

This program presents you a series of questions defined before in a coincidental order to learn these. Functions are at your disposal to defer these questions or exclude from the repetition as answered correctly. If an asking round is finished, the program provides statistics about your learning success.

You start a new question round by clicking File > New Question Round. The question list which is questioned on is in the area of "Questionnaire". Also new question lists can be loaded via the function "Load List". Normal TXT files from the editor are question lists. Every line represents a new question. This underlined _ marks the words which shall be questioned on.

From the list of questions a question round of the current question list can immediately be started by the "New Start". The current question always turns up in the upper field, the middle serves for your notes if you want to note down an answer and the lower for the solution of the question by clicking "Solve". By the three badges on the right you can decide whether the question still shall be put a further one or whether you could answer the question correctly and it shall happen no more in this question round.

When closing the program you are asked whether you would like to store the current question list. In this case the program saves the last list in the file "LastQuestionnaire.txt". Then this list is immediately started at the next start. The advantage is, that you do not have to load the same list again and again.

To write your own question list, you can simple write the answer and the question in a single line of a normal text file. Put your answers in underscores (_). The text between these underscores is left during asking. But you can also use the Editor which comes with this tool. The Editor makes sentences like "Question - Answer" to a useful format for the AnswerCoach, so you save a lot of time when you have a list like that with your questions and answers.