Main Window

On this page you will find an overview of all parts and functions of the main window of the EasyMusicPlayer with a description of the respective function. An explanation of the functions of other program parts of the EasyMusicPlayer can be found in the function overview.

In the main program, you can find the current playlist or the current search results in the upper area of the window. All of the loaded songs are displayed with a number, the artist, the title, the length of the song, the corresponding album, the track, the year, the genre and the file path. By clicking on the header of each column, the entire list can be sorted up or down according to this column.

In the lower part of the main window, you can find a status display under the playlist on the left, where either the current song is displayed or it is shown, how many files are loaded currently and how long is the full playing time for these song. You can switch between these two alternatives by clicking on the status display. On the same level on the right beside, there is an indicator of how long the current song is and at which position it is playing at the moment.

You can play a song by double-clicking on it in the playlist or you can click on the button ">". In both cases, the ">" turns to "X" and when you click on this button again, you can stop the song. With "<<", you can go back to the previous song, with ">>" you can go to the next. Within a song, you can click on or move the bar on the right bottom of the main window to navigate the song. This bar is an indication of where you are a in a song.

The main window can be extended by "CTRL-F" or in the menu with "Search > Search" with a search panel, with which it is possible to search in the current playlist.