Clipboard Saver

Change Log

In this list, you can see the changes of the ClipBoard Saver over the time.

  • Improvement (2014/07/13): Improvements for high resolution/high DPI screens.
  • Improvement (2013/07/13): Some applications are adding contents to the clipboard twice. To avoid a double adding of contents, the ClipBoard Saver now only adds contents with a interval of 175 ms.
  • Improvement (2013/07/12): Unknown clipboard formats are ignored and do not raise an error any more.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2012/10/14): Options for saving the history: texts and/or images with or without time stamp (Settings > Options regarding history).
  • Expansion (2012/07/30): If you want, you can now minimize the tool to the systray. Advantage: You can save screenshots without the tool in the taskbar.
  • Expansion (2012/02/12): With the parameter %firstchars% in the file name, it is now possible to create a file name from the containing text.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2012/01/16): The possibility to delete the complete history and to save the whole text history in a single text file was added.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2012/01/16): Improvement of the opening and saving functions of the formats PNG, PSD; ICO and CUR. In addition, it is now possible to save PSD files with or without layers.
  • User Experience (2012/01/16): Improvement of the user experience, for example in the case of select boxes.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2012/01/16): Improvement of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and fixes for Windows 7 and Vista.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2011/07/29): Adding tags %date% and %time% for using in filenames. So, it is possible to save files with a time stamp.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2011/07/29): Improvement of some functions: Correction of Internet links in the menu; options for showing images/texts in the history now delete the old contents; deletion of the option to add contents to clipboard again, option is now activated by default
  • New Function (2010/10/14): Loading and Saving of Configurations. Now you can load and save your options and settings of the Clipboard Saver.
  • Improvement of existing Functions (2010/08/28): Optimization of the function "Cut Images from Clipboard to Size".
  • New Function (2010/08/17): The function "Cut Images from Clipboard to Size" is added as new function. So, it is possible to cut clipboard images to a size. There are two different ways for it: using a marquee or define the cutting size directly.
  • Expansion of existing Functions (2010/08/17): The image as part of the clipboard content can now be moved with the mouse.