On this page you can see several screenshots of the ClipboardSaver. The three screenshots demonstrate clipboard texts, clipboard images and the possibility to define actions to manipulate the clipboard contents.

Clipboard Texts

When you have started the Clipboard Saver and you copy a text to the clipboard, this text will be displayed automatically on the right side of the main window and in the history on the left.

ClipboardSaver - Clipboard Texts - Screenshot

Clipboard Images

This functionality also works with images copied to the clipboard as shown in the next screenshot.

ClipboardSaver - Clipboard Images - Screenshot

Manipulating Clipboard Contents

There are some actions on the right to manipulate the contents of your clipboard. This actions will be automatically carried out whenever adding something to the clipboard. For example, you can attach strings to texts, you can search and replace in clipboard texts or you can automatically save the text contents of your clipboard.

ClipboardSaver - Manipulating Clipboard Contents - Screenshot

Also images from your clipboard can be saved automatically. In addition it is possible to resize the image and/or cut the image to a size. The appropriate options are shown in this screenshot.


The screenshots were created with the Clipboard Saver. With this tool, you can automatically save screenshots in any format and you can also simultaneously scale or otherwise edit the graphic according to your wishes.