Clipboard Saver


  • Ease of Use: Open the tool ans start working. The tool can be used intuitively and easily without reading long instructions before. Newertheless it is possible to change the default settings to your individual needs, althought that is not necessary for the most users.
  • Image and Text Support: The tool manages image- as well as text-elements in your clipboard.
  • Save Clipboard Contents: If you want, the tool can save the contents you are adding to the clipboard automatically to an arbitrary file name. For example, you can create 10 screenshots and the tool saves this screenshots as "screenshot1.gif" to "screenshot10.gif" automaticaly for you. The same is also possible with texts from your clipboard.
  • Search and Replace in Clipboard Texts: You can carry out one ore more replacements of text in your clipboard. With this it is possible to only copy a text to the clipboard to get this text back in the right format with the insert function. Alternatively you can either replace a text with another text or you can work with regular expressions, so that there are a great number of possibilities for you.
  • Adding Text to the Clipboard: Also adding arbitrary strings in front or behind your clipboard contents is possible. For example, if you are copying numbers, you can automatically add an unit like " kg" or " m" behind the values.
  • Resizing Clipboard Images: Images in the clipboard can be automatically enlarged or shrinked to a custom size. With this you can insert the image in your desired size immediately after copying it.
  • Cutting Clipboard Graphics to Size: You are able to cut images from your clipboard to an arbitrary size. This function can be used in two different ways. The first possibility is to define how many pixels should be cut off. This values will be used for all images. The other possibility is to use a marquee for each of the images copied to the clipboard, so that you can select the area that should be saved, resized or worked on. For example, if you are creating a screenshot, you can select the part of the screenshot which should be used.
  • Combined Functions: All functions can be combined with each other. For example you can resize an image automatically to save it in the new size after that automatically. It is also possible to save images in the original and the desired size in one step. The only thing you have to do is to copy the image data into your clipboard for that.
  • Show History (Clipboard Manager): If you want, the Clipboad Saver can save the history of your clipboard activity, so that you can access your old clipboard contents. With that, you can add more than one elements to your clipboard to use them later.
  • Show Details: Advanced users can get a detailed clipboard view. Under the topic "Details", you can see your clipboard in depth with all fomats and values of the current content.
  • Unicode Support: The Clipbaord Saver supports Unicode. It can work with Unicode clipboard contents and you can save text files in a number of Unicode formats.
  • Loading and Saving of Settings: All settings and options of this tool can be loaded and saved. Behind the saving and loading by hand, you can also configure the tool to auto-save all settings on exit, so that the Clipboard Saver can load your settings automatically when starting it for the next time.
  • Portable Software: The Clipboard Saver is portable. That means, you can immediately use this tool without installation and on each system.