On this page you will find an introduction to the program ClipboardSaver. We will show you the steps from the installation and the configuration options up to your first use of the program.


This help topic tells you everything about installing the ClipboardSaver and what operating systems the ClipboardSaver is currently available for.

First Steps

In the first steps you will learn all about the basic functions of the ClipboardSaver and how to operate the program.

Language Settings

The ClipboardSaver has been translated into 2 languages so far. In the introduction to the language settings of the ClipboardSaver, you will learn how to configure the used language of the ClipboardSaver and which languages are currently supported.

Description of Functions

Are you looking for an explanation of a specific function, a specific option, or a specific button in the ClipboardSaver? In the function overview of the ClipboardSaver, we have assembled a list of all functions and operating elements sorted by the appearance in the software and explain everything individually.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a powerful tool that you can also use in the ClipboardSaver in order to search and replace texts in your clipboard. An introduction to the topic and some examples we have put together for you in the tutorial on regular expressions.

Frequently asked Questions

In addition to these help topics, we have set up a page with the most frequently asked questions about the ClipboardSaver. On this page we collect for you the questions that are often asked us to the ClipboardSaver.