First Steps

This page is an introduction to the basics of the Clipboard Saver, so that you can use and work with the Clipboard Saver after reading. If you are interested in a special function, you should read the section functions, where each function of the Clipboard Saver is explained in detail.

You can use the Clipboard Saver to save and immediately change contents from your clipboard. So it is possible, for example, to copy a text to insert it with replacements or yo can create a screenshot, which will be saved in your desired size as a file automatically.

Clipboard Content

Start the tool and copy some text to your clipboard with "CTRL+C". Immediately, the text will be shown in the top left corner of the main window. Also in the history on the left side, the text will be displayed. In this list, all states of the clipboard after starting the tool will be displayed. If you doubleclick on one of the items in the list, the content will be copied to the clipboard again.

Behind displaying the contents, you can also manipulate and save texts and images from your clipboard. These so called actions can be choose in the box in the lower right and they are explained in the next sections. All activated actions will be carried out automatically immediately after changing the clipboard.

Text Actions

With the Clipboard Saver you can automatically change or save texts from your clipboard. With the function "Search and Replace", you can set one or more text replacements, in which you can also use regular expressions. If you want to carry out multiple replacements, activate the options for multiple replacements and click on "Add to Table". With this function, the boxes are added to the lost, so that you can enter new replacements. The boxes and all items in the list will be used after each other. The function "Add Text" makes it possible to attach arbitrary strings before or after the clipboard text, for instance unit symbols and with the option "Save automatically", a text will be saved automatically in the choosen folder under the choosen name and by using the choosen file extension. The string %num% will be replaced by the number of the saved text, so that you can save some texts and they will not be overwritten. The coding of the text file like ANSI or Unicode can be adjusted additionaly in the menu "Settings".

Image Actions

It is also possible to work with image contents from your clipboard. Images can be resized, cutted to size or saved. For resizing images, it is only necessary to adjust a maximum size to which the image will be scaled (with proportions or not). The cutting to size function can be used in two ways. You can directly adjust how many pixels should be cutted off at the sides of the image or you can use a marquee for each clipboard image, so that you can individually define the size of the image. The image saving is like the text saving. Again, you can use %num% to number the files and you can choose one of 33 image formats. For the resizing as well as for the saving, there are some additional options in the menu "Settings". Furthermore, you can save images after and/or before resizing. If you select both options, the image will be saved for two times, in the original size and the scaled size.