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Development:2009 to 2024
Last Update:2024-05-14
Operating Systems:Windows, Linux and macOS
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Please note our licence (freeware) for this product before you use the software.


Old Program Versions

Difference between old and new program version

Because of many user requests, I have started to create a new version of the Filelist Creator. The most frequent wishes were the support of audio information such as title or album of audio files, a faster file adding process as well as of a version for macOS. Those wishes are taken into account in the new version.

As long as there are not all functions of the old version implemented in the new version, you can download both, the old version as well as the new version for Windows on this page. The old version has not been developed for other systems. I recommend to use the new version, if not really one of the old features is needed, because the new version already offers much more features than the old one. Since the beginning of 2016, the old version will not be developed further anymore.

If you should have questions regarding this, feel free to write me.

The 32-bit version of the FilelistCreator for Mac OS X is no longer being developed because Apple has discontinued support for 32-bit applications from macOS 10.15 Catalina.