Main Window

On this page you will find an overview of all parts and functions of the main window of the FilelistCreator with a description of the respective function. An explanation of the functions of other program parts of the FilelistCreator can be found in the function overview.

This list is sorted by the occurrence of the functions in the program. If you are interested in the first steps in dealing with this program, you should read the help section, because this compilation is very specific and responsive to every detail.

The collection is divided into six general areas: general, files, preview, columns and design as well as saving. You can click on one of these points in order to directly jump to the appropriate location in the text.


The Filelist Creator is divided into four major areas. On the top left of the main window, there is the input field where you can add or delete the files for your list. Below, there is the preview pane. Here you can see how the file list looks like according to your current settings. On the right side of the window in the box "Columns and Design", you can specify what columns will be used for the table and how the table should look like. Among that, you dan see the small saving area. Here, you can specify the output format of the table.


The input area for files is loacated at the top left of the main window. This area is used to manage the files that should be written into your table. The adding can be done either through the menu, you can search folders for files, or you can simply drag files from any folder to the list.


Unten rechts befindet sich das vor Schaufenster. Ist die Vorschau aktiviert, so wird hier immer das Endergebnis nach den aktuellen Einstellungen und hinzugefügten Dateien präsentiert. Ist die Vorschau nicht aktiviert, können Sie auf "Aktualisieren" unten rechts klicken, um dies manuell für die aktuellen Einstellungen zu übernehmen. Je nachdem, in welchem Format die Liste erstellt werden soll, ergibt sich eine Vorschau als Text, Bild oder Web-Dokument. Das Bild und das Web-Dokument kann auch als Text beziehungsweise Quelltext angezeigt werden.

Columns and Design

On the right side of the main program, there is the box "Columns and Design". In this box, you can make all important settings for the look and the columns of the table. The upper part is about the columns and their format, the lower part about the appearance and design of the table in general. Behind all points, there is a button called "Options". This button opens all corresponding additional settings.

You can activate each column like file name, format or file path by checking its corresponding check box. If a column is selected, it will be written into the table. In the options for each individual column, there is the ability to specify an individual column header, that is used in the table. It is also possible to right align the column. If this function is not activated, the column is left-aligned.

In the design options, the order of the columns from left to right, a grouping of the table in accordance with some criteria and some general options (for example whether to use headings or not) can be made.


At the bottom right of the main window, there are the memory options. Here you can specify whether the current table should be created as a text file (*.txt), Comma Separated Values (*.csv), picture (*.gif, *.jpg or *.bmp) or as a web page (*.htm). Depending on which format is chosen, the preview is adjusted and there is another action when using the "Save" or the "Clipboard" button. Accordingly, if the saving format is set to image, the image is copied to the clipboard or saved as a file.

In the menu "Settings > Output Settings", you can find several possibilities to adjust your saving results. For example, there you can set the format of the text file, the used characters in the CSV files or the format of the image files.