Main Window

On this page you will find an overview of all parts and functions of the main window of the ImageConverter with a description of the respective function. An explanation of the functions of other program parts of the ImageConverter can be found in the function overview.

The main program of the image converter is divided into four areas, which are separated by boxes from each other. The input area "Files" is concerned with adding the pictures to be edited. In the preview area, it is possible to look at the pictures and the applied changes in advance. The changes can be chosen in the box "Actions", where you are able to set all preferences. Finally, the box "Saving" is used to accomplish all of the saving options.


The input area for files is located in the upper left corner of the main window. This area is used to add pictures from your hard drive to the list, so that the images can be processed and edited with the image converter. To add images, you can either drag some files from a folder to the list or you can open single files or whole folders to be scaned.

Image Converter: Preview

In the bottom right of the main window, there is the preview pane. In this box, the images are displayed when they are selected in the list in the input area. Thus it is possible to gain an overview of the corresponding images. If the preview is activated, simultaneously, all actions (treatments) will be applied to the images, so that you can see, how the images will look like after the conversion.

Image Converter: Actions

In the column Actions on the upper right of the main window, it is determined how the image will be processed. To apply one of the actions, simply click on one of the available points. Then, a box with the appropriate settings opens, where you can customize the action to your needs. When you click on "Convert and Save", all of the selected actions will be applied to the images in the list. Before, you can consider the preview area. If the preview (F7) is activated, you can see here all of the changes at once. Behind each of the actions, there is the button "Options". With this button you can show and hide the options of the actions independet from its selection. Predefined, all of the actions hide, whenever selecting a new action. This behaviour can be changed in the menu under "Settings > Minimize Actions automatically".

Image Converter: Saving

The last area of the main window takes care of saving the image. Here you can specify whether the original image should be overwritten or whether a new folder, a new file name or a different format should be used for this.