Tutorial: How to change the image size?

In this tutorial you will learn how you can easily and in a few steps, change the size of images, for example pictures from your digital camera.

The Problem

You come from holiday, have made a lot of photos, but they are much too large to be able to send them to your friends and acquaintances by mail.

The Goal

You would like to reduce the size of lots of photos from your digital camera, spending a little time.

Step 1: Add Images

Start the image converter and open the folder in which your images are saved. Select the images with your mouse and drag the images by maintaining the mouse in the list on the left top of the image converter. Now all your images should be in the list.

Step 2: Select a Size

Select "Change Image Size" in the column "Actions" in the top right of the main window of the image converter. Now select a maximum size for your image. You can either use a specified size or you can enter a custom size. Under the settings for the maximum size, there are some options. In general, they do not have to be changed, when you want to change the image size. The option to keep proportions relate to the fact that a picture is not deformed during resizing. If this option is disabled, the image is resized exactly to the specified maximum size. If the option is not selected, the image is enlarged or reduced so that it will not be larger than the maximum site. The other options and the method of enlargement or reduction must not be changed normally. If you are still interested in it, look under the topic actions on the section features. There, everything about it is explained.

Step 3: Saving

Last, you have to indicate, how and where the images should be saved. For example, you can choose a new folder in the folder box, in which your images will be saved. If you want to keep the file name, select <keep> as file name. Normally, the file format can be kept, too. So in a last step, you only have to click on "Convert", to change the size of all images in the list. A detailed overview of the possibilities of the saving options can be found under the item functions in the section "Saving Options". We recommend not to overwrite the original images, because overwritten images can not be recovered. Instead, save the converted images as new images.