Image Resizer


  • Ease of Use: The Image Resizer is self-explaining and without adjusting settings, you can instantaneous
    ly enlarge or shrink your first images.
  • Enlarge or Shrink Images: It does not matter whether you want to enlarge or shrink images. The Image Resizer scales in each direction.
  • Many Formats supported: You can load and save images of 31 different file formats. A list of all supported file formats can be found at the format page of the Image Converter.
  • Easy File Access: To access images, you can drag and drop the files on the Image Resizer easily, you can search in folders or you can open pictures with the Image Resizer directly. In addition you can link files with the resizer, so that the Image Resizer is displayed in the context menu of the explorer.
  • Save Configurations: If you are often scaling images in the same way, you can save a configuration with all of your settings. This configuration can be loaded automatically when starting the tool or you can load different configurations while working with the software.
  • Scaling Conditions: You can define different conditions and only under this circumstances the Image Resizer will scale the pictures. For example, you can only enlarge or shrink images or you can distinct between landscape and portrait images.
  • Portable Software: The Image Resizer is portable. That means, that it is not required to install this tool, to use it. You can instantaneous
    ly start and use the program, even it is saved on a memory stick.