Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a collection of all frequently asked questions regarding the ImageResizer.

Installation and Uninstallation

Supported Formats

Commercial Use


Other Questions

On which systems does the ImageResizer run?

The ImageResizer is currently available for the Windows operating system. You will find the corresponding download on the download page of the ImageResizer. The support of other systems is planned.

How to install the ImageResizer?

The ImageResizer is a portable program. This means that you can use the ImageResizer without an installation. It is sufficient to save the program file (under Windows the EXE file) to any place on your computer and click on the program file to start the program. This has the advantage that the program does not make any unwanted profound changes to your system (for example, registry entries or changes in system folders). In addition, you can run any number of versions of the program (for example, with different configurations) in parallel, you can start the ImageResizer from a USB stick and easily take the application along with their settings to another computer by simply copying the program folder. Read more about this topic in the installation help.

How do I uninstall the ImageResizer?

Since the ImageResizer is a portable program, there is no need for a cumbersome uninstall procedure to completely remove the program from your computer. Instead, it is sufficient to just delete the program file (on Windows, the EXE file).

Which image formats can I resize with the Image Resizer?

An overview of all supported image formats of the Image Resizer can be found on the formats page. Here you can find out for each format whether it can be read and / or written with the Image Resizer.

I want to use the ImageResizer commercially. How do I get a commercial license?

The free version of the ImageResizer may only be used for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use the ImageResizer commercially, you need a paid license. Just contact us via our contact form, we will gladly help you.

In which languages has the ImageResizer been translated so far?

The ImageResizer is currently available in 2 languages. These include English and Deutsch (German). More information can be found in our translation portal.

I wish a new function in the ImageResizer or have a suggestion for improvement. Whom can I contact?

Our goal is to continuously extend and improve the ImageResizer. If you have suggestions for improvement or suggestions for new features or other changes, please contact us.

I have found a bug in the ImageResizer. How can I report the error?

We are always grateful for bug reports or other suggestions to improve our programs. Just write us a short message via our contact form. If you want you can stay anonymous.

I want to thank you for the program. What can I do?

We are always looking forward to any kind of support to continue offering you our programs and services. We have compiled some of the possibilities for you on our donations page, where you will also find our PayPal-Donate-Button, for example. In addition to money donations (even very small amounts are always welcome), we are also grateful for any other assistance. Maybe you can recommend us, put a link to us, help with the translation of a program or you can think of something else, how you can support us. Many thanks for your help!

My question is not answered here. Who can help me?

For further questions we have set up an AskingBox portal. In this forum you can also ask your questions online without a registration or you can read previous questions asked by other users. If you have a personal question you can also contact us via our contact form.