Image Resizer


On this page you can see screenshots of the Image Resizer. The three screenshots demonstrate the three steps "Select Images", "Choose Size" and "Save" which are necessary to resize images.

Select Images

First of all you have to select the images to be resized. You can simply drag and drop images onto the Image Resizer or you can open a folder like it is shown in the first screenshot. The images in this list will be resized.

Image Resizer Screenshot

Choose Size

With "Forward" you can go to the next step. Here you can select how the images should be resized. You can resize according to a pixel size, percentage or to a desired file size. In the screenshot it is resized to 125 percent with proportions. If you disable the "Retain Proportions" box, two boxes will be displayed for the width and the height.

Image Resizer Screenshot


In a last step you have to select how to save the images. The old images can be overwritten or you can save the images as new files. In the screenshot, the images will be saved in the same folder as the old ones, the format will be PNG and the string "-1" will be added to the old file names. If you click on "Save Images", the images currently in the list will be resized and saved according to your settings.

Image Resizer Screenshot

In the help section, you can read about the options and settings and how to resize images with the Image Resizer in detail. A list of all functions can be found on the page functions.


You can enlarge the screenshots by clicking on the pictures. Then a pop up window opens with a high resolution image.

The screenshots have been created with the Clipboard Saver. With this tool you can automatically save screenshots in an arbitrary format and you can concurrently scale the images to your desired size.