Print My Fonts


The following font formats can be displayed with the tool PrintMyFonts. When searching folders for fonts, the tool will search for this list of file extensions.

  • TrueType Font (*.ttf): Raw TrueType files.
  • OpenType Font (*.otf): PostScript OpenType font files.
  • Generic Font File (*.fon): Font resource files.
  • Windows Font File (.*fnt): Raw bitmap font files.
  • Installed TrueType Font File (*.fot): TrueType resource files.
  • True Type Font Collection (*.ttc): TrueType font collection files of East Asian Windows.
  • Multiple Master Font Metrics (.*mmm): Multiple master Type1 font resource files. This file must be used with .PFM and .PFB font files.
  • Printer Font Binary File (*.pfb): Type1 font bits files. This type of file is used with a .PFM file.
  • Printer Font Metrics File (.*pfm): Type1 font metrics files. This type of file is used with a .PFB file.

The font list can be exported in the following formats:

  • Printed Text: By using your standard printer or an arbitrary other printer that is installed.
  • Image: The output can be written on an image in the formats JPG, PNG or BMP.
  • DOCX-Document: PrintMyFonts can save your font list directly to the DOCX format, the default format of Microsoft Word.
  • ODT-Document: Also an export to the format OpenDocument Text is possible. ODT-documents can be opened, for example, with Libre Office or OpenOffice.
  • RTF-Document: PrintMyFonts is able to create RTF documents of your font list that can be opened and edited for example in programs such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.
  • HTML: It is also possible to save the font list as HTML Website.
  • PDF: With an PDF printer installed, you can create a PDF document with your fonts.
  • Printer Formats: If you have installed other printers, like Post Script Printers, you can also generate an output by using this machine.