In the following compilations you will find an explanation of all functions, options and buttons of PrintMyFonts arranged according to their occurrence in the program. A general introduction to PrintMyFonts as well as a first step guide can be found here. We have structured the functional descriptions for you in the following categories:

Main Window

In the function description of the main window, we explain the main window of PrintMyFonts including all functions contained therein.

In the overview and description of all functions of the menu of PrintMyFonts we explain the menu entries of the main window and their function.


The overview of all functions from the settings dialog explains the function of all options and configurations of PrintMyFonts which can be accessed via the "Settings" menu.

Manage Font Files

If you want to display uninstalled fonts from a file in PrintMyFonts, you can administer them using the Manage Font Files dialog. Here we explain the functions of this window.

Old Function Overview

If you still use the old version of PrintMyFonts: You can find the function overview of the old program version here.