System Integration

In the menu "Settings", you can find the point "System Integration". Here you can set or remove some system settings with which you are able to embed the program into your computer system.

The program itself does not change any system settings automatically and that is also not required for executing and using the program. Nevertheless, you can use those functions in order to adjust the program to your needs and to make your life easier. For example, you can use the file associations so that you only have to click on a file in order to open it instead of loading them from within the program after starting the program. Or, if you are regularly using the software, you can use the autostart settings so that you do not have to start the program on your own.

At the moment, the following sections are available. The sections and options can be implemented in different ways depending on the program.

File Associations

Click on the button "Configure" in the section "File Associations" in order to link specific file types (files with a specific extension) with the program. If you, for example, have associated program settings with the program, files with program settings will automatically be opened with the program whenever you click on the corresponding file or if you otherwise open such a file.

To be able to change file associations, the program must be run as administrator. When executing the function, the program will automatically check whether it is running as administrator. If not, you get a notification and you are asked whether you would like to restart the program as administrator.

File Associations - Screenshot

Windows 10 - Windows 7

In the settings window, you can see a list of all file types respectively file extensions, that are relevant to the program. For example, each program is using another file extension for its settings or is using other file types or formats in order to store something program relevant (list of all programs and corresponding file extensions). In the screenshot, you can see the program specific settings for FasterFiles. FasterFiles is using the file extension FFS for settings (Faster Files Settings) and the extension FFHK for HotKeys (Faster Files HotKeys).

Next to "Status", you can find information about whether the corresponding extension is currently associated to the program or not. If the extension should be associated with another, different program, you can see the program path to the corresponding application at this point. If you should have stored different versions of the same program at different locations on her computer, this might also be another version of the program, you are currently using.

Click on "Associate" in order to link a file extension with the program or click on "Delete Association" in order to remove an existing file extension association. If the corresponding extension should be already associated with an other program, this association will be overwritten and cannot be undone.


Click on the button "Configure" in the section "Auto Start" in order to change the auto start settings of the program.

Auto Start Settings - Screenshot

Windows 10 - Windows 7

Depending on the program, a selection of the following options are available.

In order to change the autostart settings, just select one of the options and click on "Save". For example, if you do not want to start the program automatically anymore, you have to select "No Auto Start" and click "Save" afterwards.