First Steps

The Filelist Creator allows you to write lists of files quickly and easily. You can even choose the amount of information in the list, the design of the list and the output format.

Filelist Creator Screenshot Functions

Your first Filelist

Open the Filelist Creator and open a folder with some files. Select these files and drag them to the Filelist Creator. The files appear in the upper left of the main window in a list and under this list you can see a table with your files. That is your first file list! If you wish, you can save this list by clicking the "Save" button in the right corner. Alternatively, it is also possible to copy the table directly to the clipboard using the button "Clipboard" next to it.

Add Files

As the example shows, all files or directories for the list are displaey at the top left. If you do not want to pass over the files from a folder, it is also possible to search for files in a folder ("Open Folder") or open files through the menu ("File > Open Files"). The list is also important for the order of the files in your table, because the files are written exactly in the order listed in the list. You can sort columns by clicking on the column heading or you can also move items up or down on your own.

Columns and Design

On the right side of the window, there is the box "Columns and Design". In the upper part of this box, you can choose the columns (file name, file size and so on) for your table. Simply check the respective name with a tick. Below this, a number of settings can be made to the design. Just click on "Options" behind a topic to reach this options. All information about these individiual settings like advanced column settings, sorting or design specifications are explained in the section function, topic columns and design.


The preview box can be found in the left below of the main window. When activated (check mark under the box), the current file list is displayed in the box in accordance with all added files and adjusted settings. The preview varies, of course, also according to your chosen output format (text, image, CSV or web document). If the preview is not enabled, anytime, you can click on the button "Refresh" to display an overview of your current table.


If you are satisfied with the preview, you can worry about saving your table. It is possible to save the table as text, comma separated values (CSV), image or HTML document. You have to select this at the box at the bottom right corner of the main window. After that, you can click on the button "Save" in the right corner to save the table as a file. Alternatively, you can also click on the button "Clipboard". With this button, the current table is copied to the clipboard, so you can reuse it in other applications directly.

File Lists and Directory Lists

With the Filelist Creator, you can create pure file lists and pure directory lists as well as mixed directory and file lists. When adding, it makes no difference, whether you add folders or files: You can add both by drag and drop and searching in folders. In the menu "Settings", there are the options "Add Files to the List" and "Add Names of Folders to the list". Here you can choose your prefered list items.