Add and Play Songs

There are several possibiltis to add songs. The easiest way is, to drop songs to the list in the main window. This list contains all songs which are in your current playlist and from this list, songs are choosen for playing. If you want to hear to a song, simple double click on the corresponding entry in the list. If this song is over, the next song from this list is choosen automatically. In the menu "Play" > "Random Order" you can adjust, whether this choice is coincidental or simple the next one.

If you would like to add your whole Music Collection at once, go to "Playlist" > "Add Folders". Here you can search for MP3 Files in folders with or without sub directories.

The keys below steer the playing. The button ">" plays the current song and is able to stop it again. The two buttons "<<" and ">>" make it possible to call the last or the next title. If you would like to have a list of all played songs, go to the menu "Playlist" > "Show Last Songs..". In this menu it is also possible to show information about the current song ("Current Song Information.."). In addition, here you can open the corresponding folder or copy the file to clipboard directly.

Manage Playlists

If you do not want to arrange a new playlist, everytime you start the program, you can simply save your current playlist with "Playlist" > "Save Playlist". In this menu it is also possible to load an old playlist to your existing playlist or as a new one or to unload your current one.

Take into account, that your current list in the main window should not be your loaded playlist. For example if you have used the Search Function, in the main window there are only songs which correspond to your search. Nevertheless all other songs are still available. If you want to have them back, go to "Playlist" > "Show all Files". Here you are also able to hide them all.

Another function arises from playlists which are in the application folder when starting the player. If there is only one playlist, this playlist is loaded automatically at startup. If there are several ones, a dialog is shown, where you can choose from this lists. Therefore it is possible to access your favourite lists very fast.

The file extension of the playlists is *.emp. These files can be linked to the program, so that you can simple click on an EMP-File to start the Easy MP3 Player. You can do that in the main menu "Settings" > "Register File Extension", where it is also possible to undo this. Of courcse the player also works without a registration of the file extension.

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