Export as Text or HTML Table

With the window under File > Export as Text/HTML table it is possible to create a list of your music collection. Above in the window you can see the format in which the output will be carried out. The format "Artist - Title" definded by the format string "%artist% - %title%" is predefined. If you open the rider "Input Assistance" you can see all of the codings which usually have the %-sign at the start and at the end. If you click on one of these badges, the corresponding element is added. Byond the self-explanatory elements, there are also the elements %123% and %tab%. The element %123% indicates an ascending numbering beginning at one. For example it is possible to write a corresponding number in front of every title.

The element %tab% has only a story at the HTML table and is used to seperate two columns from each other. If you would lkike to write the filename and the length of the song into a table, you can use the format string "%filename%%tab%%length%" for that. To distinguish between a normal text file and a HTML table, you should activate or deactivate the point "Create HTML Table".

Besides these rough attitudes there are also some further one. The function "Use Filter" searches all columns for the given keyword and only writes the corresonding entries in the table. With the function "Find and Replace" it is possible to replace certain elements by other ones even before the expense. This function also can be used to delete a term completely. If you would like to distribute the path without the disk drive for example you can type Search For "C:" and Replace With "".

If in the settings, the automatic update, through which the list is written newly at every change of any attitude, is not activated, you can carry out this function over the badge "Write List" at the lower page terminator. Here it is also possible to save and delete the list or to copy the list to clipboard.

A list of all functions relating to the topic "Export as Text- or HTML-Table" you can find in the list of all functions of the Table Export.

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