On this page you can see several screenshots of the PasswordGenerator. The screenshots are available for the operating systems Windows 10, Windows 7, Linux Ubuntu and macOS. You can switch the shown operating system with the links under the screenshots.

After starting the program you will see the following window:

PasswordGenerator - Screenshot

Windows 10 - Windows 7 - Linux Ubuntu - macOS

With the button "Create" you can generate a new password. With the button "Clipboard" you can copy the created password directly into the clipboard.

In the field "Length" you can select or enter any desired length for your password. In the "Used Characters" section you can specify which character classes (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits and / or special characters) your password should contain. In the menu "Settings" > "General" (see last screenshot on this page) you can define exactly which characters should belong to which character class.


The History can be reached via the menu "File" > "History".

PasswordGenerator - History - Screenshot

Windows 10 - Windows 7 - Linux Ubuntu - macOS

In this window you will see an overview of all passwords generated since the program started. You can copy the passwords directly from the window or save them as a file via the "Save" button. If you do not want the created passwords to appear in the history, you can turn off "Save created Passwords in the History" in the menu "Settings" > "General".


Additional settings can be accessed via the menu "Settings".

PasswordGenerator - Settings - Screenshot

Windows 10 - Windows 7 - Linux Ubuntu - macOS

For example, you can specify which letters and characters should be used when one of the character classes "uppercase letters", "lowercase letters", "digits", or "special characters" is selected. Here, you can remove any characters and you can add any characters you want. Of course, you can also use arbitrary Unicode characters.

More Screenshots

Further screenshots of the PasswordGenerator can be found on the pages First Steps and History.


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