First Steps

On this page you will find an introduction to the Sudoku program.

Your First Game

Start the program. On the left side of the window you see the boxes, which are for navigation and all possible preferences. Here is also the help window, telling what you can do at every time. To play Sudoku you only have to click on "Start Game" after starting the program and wait a moment while your game is created. After that you play in the field on the right by selecting the right number in every field.

Extended Attitudes

The predefined game is the Classic Sudoku for Advancer. But there are also some other possibilities you can choose in the box over the button "Start Game". Amon other things every game is devided into different difficulty steps, depending on how many numbers are already set. The so called "Free Sudoku" is played in a smaller field than the usual one. Here every number has to appear once in every colomn and every row. You can play this game if you do not have enough time to play a Classic Sudoku or you want to practise.

User-Defined Preferences

If the Extended Attitudes are not enough for you, you can click on "User-Defined" in the same box. Here you can freely adjust how big the field should be and how many numbers should be set when starting the game. In addition there is the possibilities to play with symbols or letters instead of the usual numbers.

Print Mode

If you would like to print your Sudokus, you can change into the Print Mode. Here the same rules are valid as during playing on the Computer. But you also can fix how many fiels should be printed on a single page. At first you have to click on "Prepare". Then the Sudokus are created for you. As soon as the Sudokus are ready, you can click on "Print". In combination with the PDFCreator you can also print your Sudokus into a PDF file, if you would like to do that.