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Apart from the hue and the lightness (or blackness stage), the saturation is one of three properties, people sense as fundamental when perceiving colors. The HSV color model is based on these three properties. The saturation is the purity of a color. It reflects the mixing of pure white to a color. That means light with equal intensity in all wavelengths. In the program pipette you can change the saturation of a color by manipulating the value S in the HSV color model. In this color model, the S stands for saturation.

Spectral Composition

For the explanation of the spectral composition of light, the basis on we can differ colors, see the section on light.

Subtractive Mixture of Color

In contrast to the additive mixture of color, in the substractive mixture of color a color is created by reduction (subtractive) of shares of light. When an object reflects light, not only the amount of light but also the spectral composition of the reflected light changes. If the primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow are mixed in same parts according to this model, the result is black. In practice, for example in the area of printing, the colors do not have the required purity for this, so for a better intensity black is added as another color. The CMY color model follows the subtractive mixture of color like the theory, the CMYK color model additional contains black (called key) and is used for example in the process-color printing.


Coding of the RGB values into a single numerical value used in the programming language Pascal as well as in the programming environments Lazarus and Delphi.
See: TColor Color Model

Web Colors

Palette of 216 colors, which can be displayed faultless and without conversion also using 8 bit color depth graphic cards and monitors.
See: Web Colors

XYZ (CIE Norm Valent System)

Color Model developed by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) to solve some problems of the other color models.
See: XYZ Color Model


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