Color Models

The human perception can apart about two million colors. That are 200 color gradients multiplied by 20 saturation levels and 500 values of brightness. To display, print or save colors, for example on computer monitors or printers, it is necessary to decode them. This is possible in different color models, in which colors are described with the help of values. These color models are partly based on different approaches, so that they are applying for different purposes. Moreover, it is not possible to represent all colors in all models, here you can speak about different color spaces of the corresponding models.

The explanations of the color models on the following pages will only be a rough introduction to the differences, applications and basic ideas of the models so that the underlying principle will become clear. Each of these models is based on a rich theory and has certain restrictions, which at this point can not be discussed. You can read about that, for example, in the proposed articles you can find in our collection of further links.