Color Charts

In the following we have put together some color charts for you. Besides the color charts, in which the web colors and the most common color names are presented, there are three other color tables, in which the hue, the saturation and the lightness of a color is varied systematically. In the first color chart, both a variation of the lightness and the saturation is applied, in the second table only the lightness is varied and in the third chart only the saturation of a color changes. Moreover, another table deals only with shades of gray.

In each table, there is an area with the color and its hexadecimal code according to the RGB color model. This hexadecimal values can be translated in any other color model with the program pipette. To make it easy, you can just use the pipette function and pick up the color from your browser.

All tables were generated automatically by an individual software solution by Stefan Trost Media.