Color Names

In addition to the well-known color names like for example blue, yellow, green, red, black and white, there are some other lesser-known color names, which apply, for example, in product descriptions and in the advertising or in the clothing industry. The advantage of these definitions is, that you do not have to recognize the strange and unhandy numerical color values such as the values from the RGB color model.

In the following we would like to see various systems for naming colors. We first start with the 16 colors from the early HTML respectively VGA standard and then look at the 140 colors that are defined in the CSS 3 specification. This is followed by further color lists from the context of programming languages ​​and system color palettes as well as a list of the Media Color Names specified by the Printer Working Group:

HTML and VGA Basic Color Keywords

The following 16 color definitions are among the first color names that could be used within HTML documents. This means that the English color names can be used interchangeably in HTML documents and CSS style sheets instead of their hexadecimal notation (column HEX) for assigning colors.

  English     German     Spanish     French     HEX RGB RGB RGB
  Black Schwarz Negro Noir #000000 0 0 0
  Gray Grau Gris Gris #808080 128 128 128
  Silver Silber Plata Argent #C0C0C0 192 192 192
  White Weiß Blanco Blanc #FFFFFF 255 255 255
  Navy Marineblau Azul Marino Bleu Marine #000080 0 0 128
  Blue Blau Azul Bleu #0000FF 0 0 255
  Teal Krickentengrün Verde Azulado Sarcelle #008080 0 128 128
  Aqua Wasser Agua / Cian Aqua / Cyan #00FFFF 0 255 255
  Green Grün Verde Vert #008000 0 128 0
  Lime Limone Lima Vert Citron #00FF00 0 255 0
  Maroon Kastanie Granate Marron / Bordeaux #800000 128 0 0
  Red Rot Rojo Rouge #FF0000 255 0 0
  Purple Purpur Púrpura Pourpre / Violet #800080 128 0 128
  Fuchsia Fuchsia Fucsia / Magenta Fuchsia / Magenta #FF00FF 255 0 255
  Olive Olivgrün Verde Oliva Jaune Olive #808000 128 128 0
  Yellow Gelb Amarillo Jaune #FFFF00 255 255 0

Originally, these 16 colors were defined in the Microsoft Windows Default 16-Color Palette, which was used for example, for icons with 16 colors or for the VGA text mode (more on this in the section about system color palettes). For a long time, Microsoft Paint also reminded its users of this color selection, because the Paint color palette predefined these colors as the first suggestions until Windows XP.

The CSS1 specification from 1996 did not yet contain any definitions of the RGB values ​​for these colors (quote: "their RGB values ​​are not defined in this specification"), but instead referred to the "Windows VGA palette" in section 6.3 ("Color Units") and labeled the color names as a "suggested list of keyword color names". However, the HTML 3.2 specification, published shortly afterwards in early 1997, already contained a full list of these color names including the RGB codes and color fields in section 6.5 ("Colors"). This list was repeated in the HTML 4.01 specification in 1999. The CSS2 specification from 2011 also finally contained a complete list of these names in section 4.3.6, including their definitions of the RGB values ​​also mentioned here. Today's CSS3 specification still lists these 16 names under the name "Basic Color Keywords", thus separating them from the "Extended Color Keywords", which we will look at in the next section of this article.

The translations (that can be found in the columns "German", "Spanish" and "French") of the English color names (column "English") are for information purposes only. Only the English color names may be used in HTML documents, but it does not matter whether they are written in upper or lower case letters.

CSS 3 Extended Color Keywords

With the introduction of the CSS 3 standard, also the color palette has been significantly expanded. Now, also the following 140 colors (again only the English names) can be used in the Cascading Style Sheets alternatively to their hexadecimal notation. Also with these names, again, the uppercase and lowercase writing does not matter.

The 16 colors from the older HTML 3.2 / CSS 2 respectively VGA standard were adopted and are also included in the newer CSS 3 standard with their same names, so that this color extension is completely backwards compatible. In the CSS Color Module Level 3, the old color palette can be found in section 4.1 under the name "Basic Color Keywords", while the new color names are defined in section 4.3 under the name "Extended Color Keywords". However, the Extended Color Keywords also contain all 16 former color names additionally again.

  English     German     Spanish     French     HEX RGB RGB RGB
  AliceBlue Eisfarben Azul Alicia Bleu Alicia #F0F8FF 240 248 255
  AntiqueWhite Antikweiß Blanco Antigua Vieux Blanc #FAEBD7 250 235 215
  Aqua (=Cyan) Wasser Agua / Cian Aqua / Cyan #00FFFF 0 255 255
  Aquamarine Aquamarinblau Aguamarina Aigue-Marine #7FFFD4 127 255 212
  Azure Himmelblau Azul Cielo Bleu Ciel #F0FFFF 240 255 255
  Beige Beige Beige Beige #F5F5DC 245 245 220
  Bisque Biskuit Bisque Bisque #FFE4C4 255 228 196
  Black Schwarz Negro Noir #000000 0 0 0
  Blanchedal- mond Mandelweiß Almendra Pálido Amande Pâle #FFEBCD 255 235 205
  Blue Blau Azul Bleu #0000FF 0 0 255
  Blueviolet Blauviolett Violeta Azul Bleu Violet #8A2BE2 138 43 226
  Brown Braun Marrón Marron #A52A2A 165 42 42
  Burlywood Gelbbraun Madera Bois #DEB887 222 184 135
  CadetBlue Kadettenblau Azul Cadete
Bleu Cadet #5F9EA0 95 158 160
  Chartreuse Hellgrün Chartreuse Chartreuse #7FFF00 127 255 0
  Chocolate Schokolade Chocolate Chocolat #D2691E 210 105 30
  Coral Koralle Coral Corail #FF7F50 255 127 80
  CornflowerBlue Kornblumenblau Azul Aciano Bleuet #6495ED 100 149 237
  Cornsilk Mais Maíz Corn #FFF8DC 255 248 220
  Crimson Karmesinrot Carmesi Cramoisi #DC143C 220 20 60
  Cyan (=Aqua) Türkis Agua / Cian Aqua / Cyan #00FFFF 0 255 255
  DarkBlue Dunkelblau Azul Oscuro Bleu Foncé #00008B 0 0 139
  DarkCyan Dunkeltürkis Turquesa Oscuro Turquoise Foncé #008B8B 0 139 139
  DarkGoldenrod Dunkle Goldrutenfarbe Vara de Oro Oscura Verge d'or Sombre #B8860B 184 134 11
  DarkGreen Dunkelgrün Verde Oscuro Vert Foncé #006400 0 100 0
  DarkGray Dunkelgrau Gris Oscuro Gris Foncé #A9A9A9 169 169 169
  DarkKhaki Dunkelkhaki Caqui Oscuro
Kaki Foncé #BDB76B 189 183 107
  DarkMagenta Dunkelmagenta Magenta Oscura Magenta Foncé
#8B008B 139 0 139
  DarkOliveGreen Dunkles Olivgrün Verde Oliva Oscuro Vert Olive Foncé #556B2F 85 107 47
  DarkOrange Dunkles Orange Naranja Oscura Orange Foncé #FF8C00 255 140 0
  DarkOrchid Dunkle Orchidee Orquidea Oscura Orchidée Noire #9932CC 153 50 204
  DarkRed Dunkelrot Rojo Oscura
Rouge Noire
#8B0000 139 0 0
  DarkSalmon Dunkle Lachsfarbe Salmón Oscuro Saumon Foncé #E9967A 233 150 122
  DarkSeaGreen Dunkles Seegrün Oscuro mar Verde Mer Vert foncé #8FBC8F 143 188 143
  DarkSlateBlue Dunkles Schieferblau Azul Pizarra Oscuro Bleu Ardoise Foncé #483D8B 72 61 139
  DarkSlateYellow Dunkles Schiefergrau Gris Pizarra Oscuro Gris Ardoise Foncé #2F4F4F 47 79 79
  DarkTurquoise Dunkeltürkis Turquesa Oscuro Turquoise Foncé #00CED1 0 206 209
  DarkViolet Dunkelvilolett Púrpura Oscuro Violet Foncé #9400D3 148 0 211
  DeepPink Tiefrosa Rosa Profundo Rose Profond #FF1493 255 20 147
  DeepSkyBlue Tiefes Himmelblau Cielo Azul Profundo Bleu Ciel Profond #00BFFF 0 191 255
  DimGray Trübes Grau Gris Nublado Gris Nuageux #696969 105 105 105
  DodgerBlue Persenningblau Cubierta Azul Couverture Bleu #1E90FF 30 144 255
  Firebrick Backstein Ladrillo Refractario Brique Réfractaire #B22222 178 34 34
  FloralWhite Blütenweiß Blanco Floral Blanc Floral #FFFAF0 255 250 240
  ForestGreen Waldgrün Verde Bosque Vert Forêt #228B22 34 139 34
  Fuchsia (=Magenta) Fuchsia Fucsia Fuchsia #FF00FF 255 0 255
  Gainsboro Gainsboro Gainsboro Gainsboro #DCDCDC 220 220 220
  GhostWhite Geisterweiß Fantasma Blanco Blanc Fantôme #F8F8FF 248 248 255
  Gold Gold Oro Or #FFD700 255 215 0
  Goldenrod Goldrute Solidago Solidago #DAA520 218 165 32
  Gray Grau Gris Gris #808080 128 128 128
  Green Grün Verde Vert #008000 0 128 0
  GreenYellow Grüngelb Verde Amarillo Vert Jaune #ADFF2F 173 255 47
  Grey Grau Gris Gris #808080 128 128 128
  Honeydew Honigmelone Ambrosía Ambroisie #F0FFF0 240 255 240
  HotPink Leuchtendes Rosa Rosa Brillante Rose Brillant #FF69B4 255 105 180
  IndianRed Indischrot Rojo Indio Rouge Indien #CD5C5C 205 92 92
  Indigo Indigo Índigo Indigo #4B0082 75 0 130
  Ivory Elfenbein Marfil Ivoire #FFFFF0 255 255 240
  Khaki Staubfarben Caqui Kaki #F0E68C 240 230 140
  Lavender Lavendel Lavanda Lavande #E6E6FA 230 230 250
  LavenderBlush Lavendelrosa Rosa Lavanda Rose Lavande #FFF0F5 255 240 245
  LawnGreen Rasengrün Verde Césped Vert Pelouse #7CFC00 124 252 0
  Lemonchiffon Chiffongelb Gasa Amarilla Mousseline Jaune #FFFACD 255 250 205
  LightBlue Hellblau Azul Luz
Bleue Lumière
#ADD8E6 173 216 230
  LightCoral Helles Korallenrot Rojo Coral Brillante Rouge Corail Vif #F08080 240 128 128
  LightCyan Helles Cyan Cian Luz Cyan Clair #E0FFFF 224 255 255
  Light Goldenrod Yellow Helles Goldrutengelb Amarillo Dorado Claro Jaune Clair #FAFAD2 250 250 210
  LightGray Hellgrau Gris Claro Gris Clair #D3D3D3 211 211 211
  LightGreen Hellgrün Verde Claro Vert Clair #90EE90 144 238 144
  LightGray Hellgrau Gris Claro Cris Clair #D3D3D3 211 211 211
  LightPink Hellrosa Rosa Claro Rose Clair #FFB6C1 255 182 193
  LightSalmon Helle Lachsfarbe Salmón Claro Saumon Clair #FFA07A 255 160 122
  LightSeaGreen Helles Seegrün Verde Mar Claro Vert Mer Clair #20B2AA 32 178 170
  LightSkyBlue Helles Himmelblau Cielo Azul Brillante Ciel Bleu Clair #87CEFA 135 206 250
  LightSlateGray Helles Schiefergrau Gris Pizarra Brillante Gris Ardoise Brillant #778899 119 136 153
  LightSteelBlue Helles Stahlblau Azul Acero Brillante Bleu Acier Brillant #B0C4DE 176 196 222
  LightYellow Hellgelb Amarillo Claro Jaune Clair #FFFFE0 255 255 224
  Lime Limone Lima Citron #00FF00 0 255 0
  LimeGreen Limonengrün Verde Lima Vert Citron #32CD32 50 205 50
  Linen Leinen Lino Lin #FAF0E6 250 240 230
  Magenta (=Fuchsia) Magenta Magenta Magenta #FF00FF 255 0 255
  Maroon Kastanie Granate Marron / Bordeaux #800000 128 0 0
  Medium Aquamarine Mittleres Aquamarin Aguamarina Mediana Aigue-Marine Moyenne #66CDAA 102 205 170
  Medium Blue Mittleres Blau Azul Medio Bleu Moyen #0000CD 0 0 205
  Medium Orchid Mittlere Orchidee Orquidea Media Orchidée Moyenne #BA55D3 186 85 211
  Medium Purple Mittleres Violett Púrpura Medio Violet Moyen #9370DB 147 112 219
  Medium SeaGreen Mittleres Seegrün Mar Verde Medio Vert de Mer Moyen #3CB371 60 179 113
  Medium SlateBlue Mittleres Schieferblau Azul Pizarra Mediana Bleu Ardoise Moyenne #7B68EE 123 104 238
  Medium SpringGreen Mittleres Frühlingsgrün Verde Primavera Mediana Vert de Printemps Moyen #00FA9A 0 250 154
  Medium Turquoise Mittlere Türkis Turquesa Medio Turquoise Moyen #48D1CC 72 209 204
  Medium VioletRed Mittleres Violettrot Rojo Púrpura Medio Rouge Pourpre Moyen #C71585 199 21 133
  MidnightBlue Mitternachtsblau Azul Medianoche Bleue Minuit #191970 25 25 112
  Mintcream Cremige Minze Menta Cremosa Menthe Crémeuse #F5FFFA 245 255 250
  Mistyrose Altrosa Rojo Viejo Vieux Rose #FFE4E1 255 228 225
  Moccasin Mokassin Mocassin Mocassin #FFE4B5 255 228 181
  NavajoWhite Navajoweiß Blanco Navajo Blanc Navajo #FFDEAD 255 222 173
  Navy Marineblau Azul Marino Bleu Marine #000080 0 0 128
  Oldlace Alte Spitze Encaje Viejo Vieille Dentelle #FDF5E6 253 245 230
  Olive Olivgrün Verde Oliva Jaune Olive #808000 128 128 0
  Olivedrab Olivgraubraun Gris Oliva Marrón Olive Gris Brun #6B8E23 107 142 35
  Orange Orange Naranja Orange #FFA500 255 165 0
  OrangeRed Orangerot Rojo Anaranjado Rouge Orange #FF4500 255 69 0
  Orchid Orchidee Orquídea Orchidée #DA70D6 218 112 214
  PaleGoldenrod Blasse Goldrutenfarbe Vara de Oro Pálida Verge d'Or Pâle #EEE8AA 238 232 170
  PaleGreen Blassgrün Verde Pálido Vert Pâle #98FB98 152 251 152
  PaleTurquoise Blasstürkis Turquesa Pálido Turquoise Pâle #AFEEEE 175 238 238
  PaleVioletRed Blasses Violettrot Rojo Violeta Pálido Violet Rouge Pâle #DB7093 219 112 147
  Papayawhip Papayacreme Crema de Papaya Crème de Papaye #FFEFD5 255 239 213
  Peachpuff Pfirsich Melocotón Pêche #FFDAB9 255 218 185
  Peru Peru Perú Pérou #CD853F 205 133 63
  Pink Rosa Rosa Rose #FFC0CB 255 192 203
  Plum Pflaume Ciruela Prune #DDA0DD 221 160 221
  PowderBlue Taubenblau Azul Palomas Bleu de Pigeons #B0E0E6 176 224 230
  Purple Purpur Púrpura Pourpre / Violet #800080 128 0 128
  Red Rot Rojo Rouge #FF0000 255 0 0
  RosyBrown Rosiges Braun Marrón Rosado Brun Rosé #BC8F8F 188 143 143
  RoyalBlue Königsbalu Azul Real Bleu Royal #4169E1 65 105 225
  SaddleBrown Sattelbraun Marrón Ensillar Brune Selle #8B4513 139 69 19
  Salmon Lachsfarben Salmón Saumon #FA8072 250 128 114
  SandyBrown Sandbraun Marrón Arena Brun Sable #F4A460 244 164 96
  SeaGreen Seegrün Verde Lago Vert Lac #2E8B57 46 139 87
  Seashell Muschel Concha Coquillage #FFF5EE 255 245 238
  Sienna Siennaerde Tierra de Siena Terre de Sienne #A0522D 160 82 45
  Silver Silber Plata Argent #C0C0C0 192 192 192
  SkyBlue Himmelblau Cielo Azul Bleu Ciel #87CEEB 135 206 235
  SlateBlue Schieferblau Azul Pizarra Bleu Ardoise #6A5ACD 106 90 205
  SlateGray Schiefergrau Gris Pizarra Gris Ardoise #708090 112 128 144
  Snow Schneeweiß Blanco Nieve Blanc Neige #FFFAFA 255 250 250
  SpringGreen Frühlingsgrün Verde del Resorte Vert Printemps #00FF7F 0 255 127
  SteelBlue Stahlblau Azul de Acero Bleu Acier #4682B4 70 130 180
  Tan Hautfarben Bronceado Tanné #D2B48C 210 180 140
  Teal Krickentengrün Verde Azulado Sarcelle #008080 0 128 128
  Thistle Distel Cardo Chardon #D8BFD8 216 191 216
  Tomato Tomate Tomate Tomate #FF6347 255 99 71
  Turquoise Türkis Turquesa Turquoise #40E0D0 64 224 208
  Violet Veilchen Violeta Violet #EE82EE 238 130 238
  Wheat Weizen Trigo Blé #F5DEB3 245 222 179
  White Weiß Blanco Blanc #FFFFFF 255 255 255
  WhiteSmoke Rauchfarben Blanco Humo Blanche Fumée 
#F5F5F5 245 245 245
  Yellow Gelb Amarillo Jaune #FFFF00 255 255 0
  YellowGreen Gelbgrün Verde Amarillo Vert Jaune #9ACD32 154 205 50

The new CSS color terms originated in a color list that was initially developed for the X11 Windows System (Unix software for creating graphical user interfaces). The first version of this color list was published in 1989. This list was subsequently expanded over the years and finally adopted into the CSS standard with only a few modifications. The decision to adopt the X11 color names was also supported by the fact that some browsers originally developed for the X Window System, such as the Netscape Navigator or the Mosaic Browser, already supported that color list as X applications.

Finally, it should also be noted that instead of "Gray" you can also write "Grey" (this also applies to color names such as LightGray, DarkGray, SlateGray, LightSlateGray or DimGray) and the colors Aqua and Cyan as well as Magenta and Fuchsia are identical. Of course, the browser used must also support the CSS 3 standard if the colors are to be displayed correctly. However, this should now be the case for all common browsers today.

Color Designations of various Programming Languages

Besides CSS and HTML, also many other programming and markup languages ​​such as Java, Pascal (FreePascal, Lazarus, Delphi), VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or TeX/LaTex as well as the application framework and GUI toolkit Qt simplify the selection of colors using color names in the form of predefined constants that can be used when programming in the respective language so that the color in question does not have to be defined using its numerical color value but can be defined by just using a name that is easier to remember. In addition, the following table contains - if available - the color equivalent from the W3C CSS3 standard in the colum "CSS" (see last section) as well as the equivalent from the "Media Color Names" color palette of the Printer Working Group in the column "PWG" (see the section after next).

In the languages ​​mentioned, the following names and color constants are known for the 30 colors listed:

 #404040-DARK_GRAYclDkGray--darkgrayDark Gray

As you can see, the colors black and white as well as many of the "simple" RGB and basic colors such as red, blue, yellow, fuchsia/magenta or cyan/aqua are defined in the same way in almost all contexts. However, there are differences with the more mixed colors such as pink and orange and especially in the green and gray tones (more on this in the linked article).

In addition to the fact that color definitions may vary from one another, when using color constants in programming, it is important to note that some programming languages also ​​provide color constants that do not represent a fixed color but are dependent on the context:

For example, the color constants shown in the table for the programming language ​​Pascal respectively FreePascal, which can be used in Delphi and Lazarus and which are fixed for a certain color, should not be confused with the color constants for system colors that are also available in these environments and can contain different color values ​​depending on the system, version and settings. Examples from this category include the standard background color of windows (clWindow), the standard color for text in windows (clWindowText), the background color for text markings (clHighlight), the font color of text markings (clHighlightText), the standard button colors (clBtnFace and clBtnText) or clDefault as a universal standard color for any controls or contexts. These constants can be used to adapt your own application to the color scheme of the operating system and otherwise have nothing to do with predefined color names.

It should also be mentioned that many programming languages ​​in the meantime also provide the color names from the CSS3 standard presented in the second section of this article as color constants. For example, starting with FreePascal 3.2.0, the CSS3 W3C Colors can be made available as constants in Lazarus via the System.Uitypes unit or in Tex/LaTeX by loading the "svgnames" package via \usepackage[svgnames]{xcolor}. In LaTeX, however, unlike the CSS standard, the names are case-sensitive and can therefore only be used in their original defined writing.

System Color Palettes

Earlier operating systems from the era of 8-bit displays, which with their 8-bit color depth could only display 256 different colors simultaneously, often provided partially predefined color palettes that could easily be used in the original or a modified form.

The following table shows three of these color palettes: The Microsoft Windows and IBM OS/2 Default 16-Color Palette in the "WIN-16" column, the Microsoft Windows Default 20-Color Palette in the "WIN-20" column as well as the Apple Macintosh Default 16-Color Palette in the column "MAC-16". In addition to the color values ​​and color names, the table shows the indices of the individual colors within the respective color palette. Free indices could be used for defining own colors as an alternative to overwrite the existing indices.

 #0000000Black0Black #00000015Black
 #8000001Maroon1Dark Red #562C0510Brown
 #0080002Green2Dark Green #0064129Dark Green
 #8080003Olive3Dark Yellow #90713A11Tan
 #0000804Navy4Dark Blue----
 #8000805Purple5Dark Magenta #4700A55Purple
 #0080806Teal6Dark Cyan----
 #C0C0C07Silver7Light Grey #C0C0C012Light Grey
 #C0DCC0--8Money Green----
 #A6CAF0--9Sky Blue----
 #FFFBF0--246Cream #FF64032Orange
 #A0A0A4--247Medium Grey #80808013Medium Grey
 #8080808Gray248Dark Grey #40404014Dark Grey
 #FF00009Red249Red #DD09073Red
 #00FF0010Lime250Green #1FB7148Green
 #FFFF0011Yellow251Yellow #FBF3051Yellow
 #0000FF12Blue252Blue #0000D36Blue
 #FF00FF13Fuchsia253Magenta #F208844Magenta
 #00FFFF14Aqua254Cyan #02ABEA7Cyan
 #FFFFFF15White255White #FFFFFF0White

The Windows 16 palette contains all the colors we already know from the section about the HTML and VGA basic color keywords. This palette is the default Windows palette for 16-color icons and is mainly backwards compatible with the colors of the early CGA, EGA and VGA text modes, but arranges the colors in a different order.

The Windows 20 palette extends these 16 colors by four additional colors: "Money Green", "Sky Blue", "Cream" and "Medium Gray". For this reason, these four colors are also defined as color constants in the Pascal programming language, as we saw in the last section.

In addition to this extension, also some of the color names as well as the indices of some of the colors were changed. The darker colors were largely given the names of the lighter colors with an addition of "Dark" (so that only the last seven colors of the old color palette kept their old names) and the indices were divided so that the first ten and the last ten of the 256 available indices were used (so that only the first eight colors kept their original index).

The Apple Macintosh color palette, which was introduced in 1987 with the Macintosh II and the System 4.1, differs greatly from the two Windows color palettes. While Windows mainly defines colors with very even RGB color channels such as 00, 80 or FF, which made the display on earlier monitors that did not yet support very much colors easier and more uniform, the Apple Macintosh color palette defines "nicer" and more "natural" looking colors using sinuous values ​​for the color channels. Only black, white and the shades of gray are defined by even color channels and thus resemble the Windows color palettes with the exception of "Medium Gray" and "Dark Gray", which are defined somewhat darker than Windows does.

Media Color Names of the Printer Working Group

Another system for naming colors are the so-called Media Color Names, which the Printer Working Group (PWG) specifies in the standard PWG 5101.1. Based on 20 basic colors, which can be seen in the column "Default" in the following table, all colors (with the exception of black and white) are defined in addition to their basic variant in the lighter versions "Clear" and "Light" as well as in an darker variant "Dark":

Green  #008000  #80C080  #90EE90  #006400
Blue  #0000FF  #3366FF  #ADD8E6  #00008B
Turquoise  #30D5C8  #98EAE4  #AFE4DE  #00CED1
Cyan  #00FFFF  #80FFFF  #E0FFFF  #008B8B
Pink  #FFC0CB  #FFE0E5  #FFB6C1  #E75480
Violet  #EE82EE  #E1B0EB  #7A5299  #9400D3
Magenta  #FF00FF  #FF80FF  #FF77FF  #8B008B
Red  #FF0000  #FF8080  #FF3333  #8B0000
Brown  #7C2900  #81543E  #B33B1A  #5C4033
Orange  #FFA500  #F6A470  #D9A465  #FF8C00
Goldenrod  #DAA520  #EDD290  #FFEC8B  #B8860B
Gold  #FFD700  #FFEB80  #F1E5AC  #EEBC1D
Yellow  #FFFF00  #FFFB6F  #FFFFE0  #FFCC00
Buff  #F0DC82  #F8EEC1  #ECD9B0  #976638
Mustard  #FFDB58  #FFEDAC  #EEDD62  #7C7C40
Ivory  #FFFFF0  #FFFFF8  #FFF8C9  #F2E58F
Silver  #C0C0C0  #E0E0E0  #E1E1E1  #AFAFAF
Gray  #808080  #C0C0C0  #D3D3D3  #404040
Black  #000000  #808080  #808080

In this system, the default color has the color name without any additional prefix, while the three additional variants are each called "variant name + color name." For example, the following names result for the green variations that can be seen in the first row of the table: The base color #008000 is simply called "Green" while the variant #80C080 is called "Clear Green", #90EE90 is called "Light Green" and the color #006400 is called "Dark Green".

However, the approach of clear, light and dark color variations sometimes leads to duplications, especially in the area of ​​gray values ​​(although the definition of some variations such as "Light White", "Dark White" or "Dark Black" has already been omitted here). For example, the colors "White" and "Clear White" as well as "Silver" and "Clear Silver" are identical, while the color with the RGB code #808080 even results for three times from the variations as "Gray", "Clear Black" and "Light Black".

Other Color Charts

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