Here you can see two screenshots of the Pipette. The screenshot above was taken on a Linux system, the screenshot below from Windows.

In the upper part of the window you can see the current color on the color field on the left and the color list on the right. In the color list, colors can be stored for later recall. In the lower part of the window, the color is displayed in different color models.

Pipette Screenshot

Simply click on the button "Pipette" under the color field, let the mouse button down and go over your screen. Automatically, the color currently under your cursor is displayed in the color field and as code in the different color models. To lock your current color, release your mouse button. If you want, the current color is added to the color list, from where you can select the color once again.

Everytime you can change the values of the color in the color models. You can use your keyboard, your mouse wheel or the up-and-down buttons next to the values for that. In any case, all other values of the other models are changed automatically, too. The color will be displayed in the color field and can also be added to the color list by double-click on the color field.

Pipette Screenshot

Furthermore, the representation of the values in the different color models can be customized by using the settings in the menu (for example the used decimal places). With the button behind every line of values, you can copy the values to the clipboard.


The screenshots have been created with the Clipboard Saver. With this tool you can automatically save screenshots in an arbitrary format and you can concurrently scale the images to your desired size.