Action: Download File

Using the action "Download File" of FasterFiles, you can download one or multiple files from the Internet in order to store them in a specified folder. Optionally, you can save the downloaded file under the server name or you can specify a new arbitrary other name for the file in which the file will be renamed when downloading.

What should be downloaded?

The URLs, that should be downloaded can be specified in the box under the section "What should be downloaded?". Please note that all URLs have to start with "http://". In each line, one URL can be specified, additionally it is possible to save the files under a different name than having it in the URL. For this, you can type the desired name divided by " => " behind the URL. Here is an example: => document.pdf => document-%mm%-%yyyy%.pdf

With this example, we are downloading four files, each file is specified in one line.

The files file1.pdf and file4.pdf will be saved under that name because no other name is specified for those files. Apart from that, the file file2.pdf will be stored using the name document.pdf and also file3.pdf gets a new name. However, this name contains the placeholders %mm% and %yyyy% that will automatically be replaced by the current month and year. That means, the storage name of this download depends on the time of calling the action list. For example, you can use this type of storage if you want to download a file for multiple times and the content of the file can change over time and you would therefore like to create several versions of the file.

Where should be stored?

Under "Where should be stored?" you can determine the folder in which the downloaded files should be stored. Select one of the options or specify any fixed folder.



At the moment, this function is only supporting the HTTP protocol. So, please ensure that each of your specified links is starting with http:// - otherwise, FasterFiles will return an error message.