Currently, the following Actions can be created and executed in Faster Files. You can click on the Actions to get more information about the functionality and the options of this Action. Below on this page, you learn more about how to create, edit, move or delete Actions in general.

Create Actions

In order to create an Action, first you have to select a HotKey and an Action List in FasterFiles to which the Action should be assigned (or you are creating a new HotKey and a new Action List). After that, you can click on the button "Add Action". This makes a new window open in which you can define the action.

At the top of this window, you can see a drop down box with the heading "Action". From this box, you can select one of the actions mentioned above. Depending on which action you have selected, after the selection, other options will be displayed in the window. Click on one of the actions from the list above on this page to learn more about these action specific options. Furthermore, each action has the option "Active" with which you are able to temporarily enable or disable the actions. Inactive actions are skipped when executing the Action List. Last, you can store your settings with the button "Save" at the bottom of the window.

To each keyboard shortcut respectively HotKey you are creating in FasterFiles, one or more of these actions can be assigned - freely combinable and in an arbitrary order. Additionally, you can refer the actions to each other: for example, each file or folder that has been processed with an action is afterwards available as last file or last folder for the next action. You can read more about that on the page about placeholders and on the corresponding pages of the actions linked above.

Edit or Delete Actions

After creating an Action, the Action appears in the corresponding Action List. If you have selected the corresponding HotKey and the corresponding action list, you can show the action again. You can use your right mouse button on one of the actions to get the options "Edit" for editing and "Delete" for deleting the action. When editing, the same window from creating the action will be displayed again in which you can change all of your values and options . After editing, you have to confirm your changes with the button "Save".

Move or Copy Actions

If you want to change the order of your actions within an Action List, you can just move the actions with your mouse. Additionally, it is possible to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V (or "Copy" and "Paste" from the context menu) to copy some actions in order to paste them into another action list or the same one again. If you have some actions in text form, you can also paste them into one of your action lists in order to add the actions without having to enter them manually.