Action: Paste from Clipboard

Using the action "Paste from Clipboard" provided by FasterFiles, it is possible to insert the current clipboard content to the current active and focused window. This action is equal to simulating the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V (insert).

Please note that this function always has to be executed over an appropriate window, otherwise it is not working. FasterFiles does not have any influence on whether the corresponding window is able to process the data and the data format that is currently part of the clipboard.

For example, if you have some files in your clipboard, you have to execute the function over a window that can accept and receive files. For example, the Windows Explorer with an open folder in which you can copy the files would be suitable. If, on the other hand, there is, for example, text in the clipboard, you should perform the function over a window that accepts text. For example, a program with a text input field.


Example: Paste Files from the Clipboard

The function "Paste from Clipboard" can be combined, for example, with the functions "Copy File or Folder to the Clipboard" or "Copy Content of Folder to the Clipboard".

For this, you can create an Action List in which first, one of those functions are called in order to automatically copy some files into the clipboard. After that, you can add the function "Paste from Clipboard" into your action list in order to insert the added files again.

If you are then pressing the corresponding HotKey over an arbitrary window (for example your e-mail program), the files will be inserted automatically.

Example: Paste Text from the Clipboard

Of course, you can also combine this function with the action "Copy Text to Clipboard". In this case, you should first add some text to the clipboard in your action list and after that you should call the action "Paste from Clipboard". If you are executing this action list over a window that can handle text, the text will be pasted into the corresponding window.