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Change Log

  • Saving of window position and window size (2018/02/10): Position and size of the program window can now be saved in the startup settings and setting profiles.
  • High-DPI-Improvements (2017/12/06): Improvements of the graphical user interface and the icons for high dpi settings.
  • New Actions (2016/04/23): The new actions File Download and Paste from Clipboard were added.
  • New Action (2016/03/31): A new action for printing Files or Folder Content was added.
  • New Placeholders (2016/03/21): The new placeholders %TARGETDIR_FILES% and %TARGETDIR_DIRS% allow refering to only the files or only the folders currently located in the target directory.
  • Subfolders in Action Lists (2016/02/22): It is now possible to order the Actions of a Action List using sub folders.
  • Content of Folder (2016/02/07): It is now alternatively possible to only open, copy, move, delete, copy to clipboard or cut to clipboard the content of a folder instead of the entire folder.
  • Actions with multiple Files and Folders (2016/01/17): Up to now, it was only possible to process one single file or one single folder per action. Now, it is also possible to add and process multiple files at once with the actions "Open", "Copy", "Move", "Delete" and "Cut/Copy to Clipboard".
  • Drag and Drop (2016/01/13): When creating or editing actions, files and folders can now also be added via drag and drop to the corresponding fields. Adding via selection dialog, manual typing or copying the path is also still possible.