Check HotKeys, Action Lists and Actions

Using the check function you can test your existing HotKeys, Action Lists and Actions for correctness. For example, the check function can tell you whether your actions contain files, folders or printers that no longer exist.

In addition, you can use the check function to perform replacements in multiple actions at the same time. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust changed paths in your actions without having to call and change each action individually.

Call of the Check Function

You can start the check dialog with a click with the right mouse button on an Action List or a HotKey. If you click on an Action List, you only check the Actions of this Action List and, if present, subordinate Action Lists of your selected action list.

If you click on a HotKey, you have the choice between "Check" and "Check All". With "Check" you check all Action Lists of the selected HotKey. With "Check All" it is possible to check all HotKeys and thus all currently loaded Actions at the same time.

The Check Dialog

After calling the check function, a new window opens. At the top left you will see a list of all the erroneous actions discovered in your selection.

On the right side, you have the option of using a filter to display all actions or just the erroneous or error-free ones. Underneath is the Find and Replace function for within the actions. With a click on the button "Replace" you can carry out the replacement.

You can find a history of all previous replacements below in the window. You can delete the history by pressing the DEL key or using the right mouse button. If you select an entry in the history, the values ​​are taken over and can therefore be easily reused.