Main Window

On this page you will find an overview of all parts and functions of the main window of the TextConverter with a description of the respective function. An explanation of the functions of other program parts of the TextConverter can be found in the function overview.

Main Window

The main window of the TextConverter is divided into 5 areas: at the top left is the file list, which contains all files that are processed. Among the list, there are the areas "Original" and "Preview" in which the original text and a preview for the selected changes are displayed. The changes can be configured in the area "Actions", which you can find at the top of the right side. Underneath, there are the storage options. Here you can set how and where converted files should be saved. Each of these areas can be collapsed and folded apart again via the triangle icon on the top of the area heading, which enables the other areas to increase accordingly so that you can better operate with them on smaller screens.

On the underside of the main window there are the buttons "Clipboard" and "Convert and Save". With a click on the button "Clipboard", you can copy the text from the preview into the clipboard. By clicking on the button "Convert and Save", you convert all files that are currently in the file list according to the currently selected actions and save the files according to the current storage options.

Main Window of the old Program Version

The main window of the old program version of the TextConverter was very similar compared to the current version, but there were certain differences in detail. If you are still using the old program version or you would like to find out more about the old program version, you will find all information about the main window of the old program version of the TextConverter here.