Paramètres de Langue

The TextConverter has been translated into 2 languages so far. On this page you will learn how to configure the language of the TextConverter and which languages are currently available.

Language Used

The TextConverter is offered in the languages English and German. You will receive the respective version on the pages sttmedia.com/textconverter-download (english) and sttmedia.de/textkonverter-download (deutsch). Depending on which version you choose, the TextConverter will automatically start in the corresponding language.

Change Language

Regardless of your chosen language version, you can also change the language of the TextConverter in the menu "Settings > Language" at any time during the runtime of the software.

If you want the German language version to start permanently in English (or the English version in German), you can put a file named "de" or "en" (without file extension or content) in the program folder.

Supported Languages

So far, the TextConverter has been translated into the following two languages: